The Mouse that Saved My Life

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4Ok… it only saved my right wrist. But when you work as a computer engineer, it’s almost as saving your life.

A love story

First time I heard about Evoluent’s VerticalMouse was on TV in show where they were comparing ergonomic mice, about 7 years ago (wow, it’s been a while). Some time after that, I bought a VerticalMouse 2 which, to be honest, took me a bit more than a week to completely master. I loved this mouse from day one, even if I had some difficulty using it at first. But with it’s great resolution, capability to work on all surfaces I’ve tried, its very light weight, the way I never have to move my wrist while using it, and feeling all the weight of my arm being supported by my forearm and not my wrist, I knew I had found the right mouse.

Why I started using this mouse in the first place

First of all, my right wrist suffered many brutal shocks in the time I was a skatepark adept. Second of all, I’m still an active snowboarder, and that sport often gets hard on the wrists. Finally, I’m a bass player, and I play with with my fingers only. Also, I’ve seen many people with carpal tunnel problems who had to have cortisone shots in their wrists… Anyway. At the time I thought: “I know I’ll have to use a mouse at work all my life, so why not act today?!”

New model review

After 7 seven years with my VerticalMouse 2, it recently stopped working. That’s why I ordered a standard size VerticalMouse 4 on Monday. It finally arrived today, and I’ve been using it for several hours now. I am so NOT disappointed! I love the space they added for your little finger, the fact that I can change the precision (or resolution) with a hardware button is very useful, and the shape of the mouse itself has greatly improved since version 2. They also added a second thumb button, which I use as a forward button. As I’m already a VerticalMouse use, it felt comfortable right away. Finally, it looks great with blue logo light and three green precision level lights.

I totally recommend this mouse to anyone who already has wrists problems or forearm problems or someone who wants to PREVENT problems. If you’re in the same position I am, you’ll be using a mouse at least 40 hours a week for the next 30 years or so. It might be the right time to start preventing recurrent problems.


  1. Marco77

    Greetings CodingMonkey!
    I purchased this model on eBay a couple of weeks ago and had it airshipped to my place. Works like a friggin’ charm!
    Actually, whenever I have to change back to a standard model at the office (that would be every working day), it feels like something is missing, it’s a bit strange.
    My few minor gripes are:
    – broadly, a sense of losing a bit in pointer accuracy. I’m by no means a CS user, but it can be disturbing at times
    – driver has room for improvement (import/export/online database of app profiles) and is not available for Linux (and not opensource)
    – I sometimes mis-LMB-click when clicking the mousewheel
    – I try as much as possible to keep my hands clean, yet the buttons felt unpleasantly “greasy” from the start. Do you have that problem too ?

    Otherwise, I cannot help but laud the efforts of the enginners who designed this mouse, and albeit it’s quite costly, would recommend for anyone with MSDs.
    Now the next thing I need is a good armrest, for my workspace is relatively cramped.

    • Matt

      Hi. I realize I’m kinda late on my reply, but here it is.

      I use my mouse only at the office, 7-8 hours per day. I might buy one for home use someday, but I’ll wait for my current mouse to die. That might take a while…

      – About pointer accuracy: I’ve done a lot of Photoshop with mine, and I find it to be very accurate. I really like to possibility of “slowing it down” with the hardware button. I find it easier to selected very small areas.

      – You’re right about the driver. I don’t use app profiles much, but an open source driver would be awesome. Talking about that, I never took the time to do a good button mapping in Ubuntu. I’ll post my config file here is I do it someday (there are too many things to do in this great world!)

      – No problem with the LMB mis-click. Could be the way you hold the mouse perhaps? Hard to say…

      – Same problem the greasiness, and I wash my hands like 5 times a day. I wash the mouse many times a week too. It seems like some plastics used to build the mouse don’t “natural human skin oil”. Ahah!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’ll do my best to answer much faster the next time.

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