Evil MonkeyWhy this name?

For those who might not know, the Evil Monkey is a Family Guy (TV series) character. I love Family Guy, and for many reasons that I won’t explain here, I have fun calling myself the evil monkey.

About this blog

This blog is an attempt at giving a hand to other developers (mostly Web and mobile) with code examples, Linux configuration hints, thoughts on algorithms and frameworks, etc. Almost every day other blogs help me in my personal and professional projects, and I feel I can contribute to this great community. I really hope this blog will help other developers on different levels.

About me

I’m a French Canadian (from Quebec), computer engineer, who’s been working as a software (mainly Web applications) analyst/developer/programmer for several years now. I support open source projects as much as possible and contribute to them from time to time.

My experience (pro and personal)

  • Software architecture (PHP, C#, Flex, C++), 4 years
  • C# .NET MVC 4 and 5 websites and web applications, 2 years
  • Laravel 5 (PHP framework, personal D&D website ADnD Downloads)
  • Flex (4.5 and 4.6) tablet applications using Swiz and WebORB, 2 years
  • Flex 3 and Flex 4 with Cairngorm, Mate and WebORB, 2 years
  • Android native applications, a couple of months
  • Object oriented PHP, 3 years
  • CakePHP, 6 months
  • Java, 2 years
  • JavaScript (plain and jQuery), 1 year
  • MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, 4 years
  • Website design, creation, and programming, 10+ years
  • Mobile Web applications (jqTouch, Sencha), a couple of months
  • Ubuntu Server as Web server (administration, configurations, etc.), 5 years
  • Ubuntu as development environment and everyday OS, 7 years


  1. Saied

    Hi Matt!

    I have read your article about QCAR and I was wondering how you have used Min3D to directly load OBJ models into the Android App.

    At the moment I am playing around with QCAR and Min3D and I just can not figured it out.

    I would like to write a general AR-Viewer, where you can load external OBJ-Models.

    I would really appreciate, if you could tell me how you have done it!


    • Matt

      Hi. Sorry for letting you wait for so long. I had to clean-up tons of spam comments and yours got lost.

      I hope I will have some time soon to write about my QCAR project again. I finally ended up using pure C++ OpenGL programming. Because I’m really no expert, it took me a lot of time for a very unsatisfying result (from my point of view at least). My client was happy with the final result, so I moved on to another project (Flex for iOS).

      I suggest you take a look at Unity Framework, which is a professional level designer. This should give you the best results. QCAR team gives a bit of documentation and examples on how to integrate Unity and QCAR to your Android project.

  2. Fredster

    Where’s da nu look?! 😉

    • Matt

      Just waiting for some free time to show up so I can learn to make a WordPress sub-template. More to come!

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