eMusic LogoI recently realized I didn’t want to buy CDs anymore but being an artist myself, I really feel I should encourage my favorite bands in a way or another. Sure, I could buy their merch, but buying $55 t-shirts from all the bands I like would be rough on my budget. This is why I am now BUYING music online (almost sounds weird) for the first time of my life. After looking at many online stores, I decided to go with eMusic. All songs cost $.59 each and are DRM-free.

Looking for a download manager

As all eMusic members, I need to use a download manager to get the music I buy. One problem though: they no longer support their own Linux DLM. After a quick research, I found eMusic/J, a Java download manager for eMusic. Here’s the official description: eMusic/J is a Java-based download manager aimed at Linux users. It takes the .emp file that you get from the eMusic.com Web site and downloads the music and artwork specified in it.

Download and run

First, access the official download page and carefully select the correct version for your system (32 or 64-bits). Then extract the downloaded file where you want it (in your home folder for example). From the newly extracted folder (should be named “emusicj-linux”), run the file named “emusicj”. If you are not familiar with how to do that, open a terminal, navigate to the emusicj-linux folder and then execute the following:


The first time you run the program, the preferences window will pop up. You may read the user manual if you need more help at this point. The only thing you need to do now is open .emp file from eMusic/J’s File / Open… menu.

Enjoy your music!